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Coface Collection

Worldwide professional debt collection from a specialist

Four good reasons to choose Coface Collections:

  • Optimal Risk Management
  • Reliable support during economically difficult times.
  • Maintain good relationships with your debtors and retain the opportunity to build your business in the future
  • Access to local Coface Collections Teams
A bad payment environment can endanger the security and solvency of a company. Often customer payment defaults can mean that the company itself is not able to settle its accounts. Even though you may have taken all steps required to secure payment, it does not mean that you will receive your money.

Effective debt collection is therefore an important aspect of a successful credit management policy. Coface, with its international network and legal and commercial knowledge is well positioned to support you.

Collecting debts in an amicable way is the priority of our experts and this in turn helps preserve good business relationships.
 By entrusting your debt collection procedures to Coface, you will not only save time and effort, you will also be able to focus on your main activities. In addition, experience shows that debts are recovered faster when a third party is involved.
Standard debt collection measures include the following:
  • reminder service
  • telephone call
  • payment schedule
  • negotiations

Minimise your payment default risk

Coface’s Collection Services can reduce your risk against payment default and contribute to an improved cash flow.


Our experience and global network will contribute towards a cost efficent and prompt settlement of your accounts receivable. Collections Services are an ideal addition to any credit insurance policy and represent a fundamental building block for any credit managment strategy.


The earlier that you can entrust us with your accounts receivable, the greater your chance of success.


Experience dictates: The longer an account overdue is, the higher the probability of non-collection.



Coface can take care of your pre-legal and legal collections. In the case of an insolvency should you not have been able to collect your receivables due, despite having taken all proper measures, Coface will take care of the insolvency registration. Quota Payments for Debtors in Austria will also be monitored and managed by Coface.

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