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Coface Single Risk

the low-cost and flexible insurance solution for machine and plant production

Four good reasons to choose Coface Single Risk:


  • Protection for projects at home and abroad
  • Protection against manufacturing risk (pre-shipment risk)
  • Hedging of del credere risk (post-shipment risk)
  • Insurance of all costs up to delivery, including "buyer's risk 
The Single Risk Cover policy is a credit insurance policy specifically designed for larger projects involving individual investment goods, such as the manufacture, delivery and assembly of plant, machinery or components. It covers not only domestic projects, but also your export business.

Large orders are particularly lucrative, but also risky. As a contractor, you often bear considerable costs for advance services. Obligations from orders to subcontractors can also develop into a real liquidity problem for your company if your customer does not pay. The Single Risk Cover Policy (SRC Policy) protects you against these and many other risks and covers bad debts from individual capital goods transactions.



Your risk as a producer does not begin at the time of delivery or at the beginning of the repayment period. Because even the non-payment of your customer during the manufacturing phase can be ruinous for you.

Coface Single Risk

SRC offers you protection for your domestic and foreign projects with terms ranging from six months to eight years. The maximum time period, details of the commitment and the premiums depend on the rating of the importing country and the creditworthiness of the buyer. A permanent creditworthiness monitoring during the insurance period is integrated. There is a percentage restriction on foreign supplier shares. Foreign subsidiaries in the EU can also be integrated into the insurance cover. We offer national solutions outside the EU




Coface also offers special foreign SRC policies for financing and participations: Participations, business shares and fixed assets in companies, branches and joint ventures abroad can be insured. In addition, the single risk cover policy also includes import protection for prefinancing of goods (advance payments) against non-delivery and termination of the import contract as a result of political circumstances or insolvency of the supplier.




The single risk cover policy covers a broad spectrum of risks:
  • Manufacturing risk (pre-shipment risk): All cost prices up to delivery, including "buyer's risk":
  • Del credere risk (post-shipment risk) for long-term installment payments. Included: Purchase price claim incl. agreed credit costs, freight, assembly readings etc. from delivery.
  • Non-transfer of the purchase price due to insolvency of the foreign documentary credit bank or due to political events upon payment by "Letter of Credit (L/C)", if no separate confirmation of an Austrian bank is available.
  • Protracted default including collection services worldwide.
  • Political risks (e.g. transfer or payment bans), but also politically induced import or export bans; also for third country production.

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