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The Coface Business Information represents the first standardised company assessment service worldwide for credit insured companies. This sophisticated information and credit vetting system allows you to protect your business at the click of a mouse.

Your customers' creditworthiness are critical for the success of your business. This was the reason for the development of Coface Business Information products. In this increasingly global world this means: no unknown trading partners, a reduced risk with all your business transactions and continuous monitoring of your customer portfolio.


Comprehensive and up-to-date information allows our customers to focus on real prospects and to develop business relationships based on both trust and facts. Our information is collected by our world class team of experts, helping our clients control the risk associated with particular customers or transactions by supporting credit decisions. Better understanding risk helps our clients to protect business and profit margins from the potential loss associated with fraud, failure, or delayed payments.

Business Information Products include:

Business Reports


    If you need only basic information on your business partners, Coface offers, when available, short reports with instant delivery on companies located in more than 60 countries. The Snapshot Report includes a Maximum Credit Recommendation.

  • FULL Report

    If you need more comprehensive information to conduct your own in-depth risk analysis, the Full Report provides greater detail than the Snapshot Report. It too includes a Maximum Credit Recommendation.


  • @rating Check

    The @rating Check allows you to easily verify the identity and credit standing of companies throughout the world. It represents a status report at the time of inquiry.

  • @rating Monitoring

    @rating Monitoring provides additional support for existing business relationships. You receive an automatic update whenever the credit standing of your customer changes (for better or worse) and can therefore take fast action.

  • @rating Customized Credit Opinion

    @rating Customized Credit Opinion (CCO) - In cases where the pre-defined levels of @rating are not sufficient, you can make a special request for amounts over 100,000 EUR.

„Trust is good, but Control is better“

Coface @rating

Our database helps you to improve your decision quality.

  • Make better business decisions based on the best available data.
  • Identify financially sound partners.
  • Know that Coface’s knowledge, expertise and global network are available to support you and your team.

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