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Finance my development - Bonds

For companies to be able to develop without any compromise to their financial flexibility, they are often required to provide appropriate guarantees to their business partners. Whether from partners, prospects, customers, sub-contractors or state authorities, guarantees can be demanded.
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For a company to develop its business, investors on the one hand, require to see sufficient cash flow. On the other hand, guarantees increase confidence in financial strength. Coface supports 50,000 companies worldwide. Our experts can advise on individual guarantees and can provide tailor-made solutions to cover individual company needs. We can offer you tried and trusted formulations for all types of guarantees and bond recipients from the largest guarantee databank in Austria. At the same time you can gain from our reputation as reliable and trusted experts in risk management.
Finance my development - Bonds
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A construction company has been invited for the refurbishment of a shopping centre. The principal selects the provider by stipulating a bid bond, hence you can qualify for tender with the respective Coface bond. You win the business and are offered an advance payment - no problem, Coface provides the requested advance payment bond. After work, you receive the full amount without a 3% deduction for the warranty period, as you were able to provide the principal with the necessary maintenance bond from Coface.
In advance of the work, you concluded a framework bonding contract with Coface and agreed on the appropriate bond types, amounts, durations and similar stipulations.
If bond is called, Coface will check the claim, refuse unfair callings or pay if the claim is justified. The amount paid has to be indemnified.

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