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Medium & long-term knock-on effects of the war in Europe on global sectors trends: will there be resilient sectors?


In the short run, all sectors for which Coface publishes sector risk assessments in six regions worldwide will be impacted by the knock-on effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Which ones would be the most resilient sectors? Read our full study now!

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War in Ukraine: Many (big) losers, few (real) winners


More than two months after the start of the war in Ukraine, of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, prospects for a rapid resolution of the war seem increasingly unlikely. As sanctions against Russia continue to pile up, a return to the pre-war situation seems illusory, even in the event of an early end to the conflict.

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China Corporate Payment Survey : Increasing Risks In Supply Chain Disruptions And Rising Raw Material Prices


Coface’s China Corporate Payment Survey 2022, in which 1,000 companies participated, shows that fewer firms encountered payment delays in 2021, but those that did reported longer periods of overdue payments than in the previous year.

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3M-2022 Financial Results: a strong start to the year with a net income of €66.2m


Coface releases its 3M-2022 Financial Results: a strong start to the year with a net income of €66.2m.

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Gulf countries benefit from higher energy prices, but inflationary pressures are increasing


Oil prices stabilized around $100 - the highest level since 2014 - are unsurprisingly benefiting the Gulf countries. However, rising agricultural commodity prices are putting upward pressure on consumer price inflation.

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