Company assessment

How can I improve my rating with Coface?

All the information available to us is taken into consideration in our assessment. The baseline information is obtained from freely accessible sources (company registry, external information providers, insolvency database). We also take into account the payment experience of our customers, the assessment of the group of companies as well as market and industry information.
Companies are welcome to provide us with important additional information for the assessment, in particular: 
-        Latest annual financial statements or consolidated financial statements.
-        Interim figures of the current financial year (quarterly figures/monthly reports)
-        Forecast/outlook for the current financial year and budget for the next year
-        Information on possible effects of current economic challenges
If you would like to send us additional information, please use the following e-mail contact:
Please keep in mind that credit insurance decisions are also influenced by factors external to your company such as type and scope of the insurance contract, assessment of country and industry rating, reinsurability etc.

Confidentiality and data protection

Coface treats all information that you provide us with in this context as highly confidential. We process personal data exclusively and solely according to GDPR (=Data Protection Regulation) and all other data protection provisions. Further and detailed information on the processing of personal data can be found under the following link:
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