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Our History

Since 1954 companies in Austria trust in the expertise of Coface

The historical division of Europe has been overcome. Due to the enlargement of the European union, the world's largest single market with enormous growth potential was created. The unique success story of Coface in Austria and in Central and Eastern Europe is closely linked to the revival of Austria after the Second World War and the European way into the global age - it's been a story through turbulent times. With the economic boom of the early 1950s, the demand for protecting businesses rose. After extensive negotiations with major insurance institutions, the foundation stone for a special credit insurance company in Austria was finally laid in 1954.  
1954 :
  • Establishment of a credit insurer in Austria
1997 :
  • Coface Austria becomes a member of Coface, one of the three global players
2002 :
  • Appointment of Vienna as Headoffice for Central and Eastern Europe
2003 :
  • Establishment of the credit insurer Coface Poland
2004 :
  • Establishment of the credit insurer Coface Hungary
2005 :
  • Acquisition of the public credit insurer - Foundation of Coface Baltics, Vilnius
2006 :
  • Foundation of the factoring business line in Poland
2007 :
  • Establishment of the credit insurer Coface Romania
  • Establishment of the credit insurer Coface Czech
  • Establishment of the credit insurer Coface Slovakia
2008 :
  • Establishment of the credit insurer Coface Latvia
  • Establishment of the credit insurer Coface Bulgaria
2011 :
  • Strategic reorientation - Concentration on the core business credit insurance
2012 :
  • Cross-Border Merger of Coface Austria Kreditversicherung AG and Coface Austria Holding AG with Coface SA, France - new company name Compagnie francaise d'assurance pour le commerce exterieure SA Branch Austria
2013 :
  • Coface has a new logo and a new corporate identity
  • Launch of the new website with a new design
  • Success of the Coface IPO on the regulated market of Euronext Paris. As of July 2nd 2014, the resulting shareholding is as follows: Public: 58.50%; Natixis: 41.24%; Employees: 0.26%
  • Direct presence in 67 countries
  • Guarantees delivered in nearly 200 countries
  • Launch of EasyLiner, CofaServe, CofaNet Policy Master, Express Credit Limit and Dashboards
  • Re-Launch of InfoIcon
  • Ukraine serviced by Coface Central European Holding AG
  • Acquisition of PKZ, the leading credit insurance company in Slovenia
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  • English