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Coface Panorama Focus Adriatic/Balkan Top 50 2013

Coface Panorama Focus Adriatic/Balkan Top 50  2013

For the second time, Coface publishes the Adriatic/Balkan Top 50. The companies are ranked based on their turnover in 2012. The total turnover of all the companies surveyed was 41 billion EUR (+5.6%).

Top 3 largest companies in the Adriatic/Balkan region

Compared to 2011, there was no change regarding the Top 3 companies. Although turnover decreased by 2%, Ina d.d., a Croatian oil and gas company ranks first. Number 2 and 3 increased turnover considerably: A plus of 14% was reported by Slovenian retailer Petrol. The Serbian oil and gas company Naftna Industrija Srbije increased trunover from 1.6 billion EUR to almost 2 billion EUR (+21%).

Country Analysis

In this year’s study, Croatia ranks first when ranked after number of companies (16 with a turnover of 14.1 billion EUR, +1.5%) – although the 15 Slovenian companies still earned the highest turnover in the region (15.5 billion EUR, +9.5%). 13 companies within the Top 50 are based in Serbia (8.6 billion EUR, +6.8%). There’s no change regarding the number of Macedonian (4) and Bosnian (2) companies. The development of the net profit draws a darker picture: From 2011 to 2012 it decreased slightly (-1.2%) for the whole region. 18 out of the Top 50 companies even reported a net decrease

Industry Review

In 2012, the oil and gas sector reported the highest turnover in the region, followed by energy supply and retail. Whereas 2012 was successful for energy suppliers (+17%), the metal and automative industry had to face a rather sharp decline in turnover (approximately -8% for both sectors).



Coface Adriatic/Balkan Top 50: Ranking and methodology
Country analysis and country ranking
Sector analysis and sector ranking
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