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Ukraine-Russia conflict

Ukraine-Russia conflict

It is important to remember that our risk management systems rely on global and centralized applications with largely decentralised and flexible decision making processes, with a multi-hub organisation. This allows us to remain resilient and to act flexibly. Coface is managing its risks with a dynamic and targeted approach. We will endeavour to make underwriting decisions on a case-by-case basis. On these pages we want to summarise information that is directly related to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.




Coface Webinars

Past Webinar, 24th of March 2022: "The Russia-Ukraine conflict and its economic consequences"


Following subjects will be covered during the webinar:

  • A wide impact of current turbulences: global commodity supplies shaken
  • The Russia-Ukraine conflict triggered GDP growth and inflation revisions
  • Risks for CEE countries go beyond the high exposition on trade with Russia
  • The impact on country risk assessments and business insolvencies


Click here to watch the recording of the Webinar

Click here to download the presentation



economic outlook by grzegorz sielewicz

(09.03.2022) The presentation can be downloaded here.


coface focus study

Russia-Ukraine conflict: stagflation ahead. Find out more!




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Press release

Economic consequences of the Russian Ukrainian conflict. Find out more!



Russia´s country risk assessment downgraded to d

(04.03.2022) Find out more!


Country Risk Assessment Russia

Country Risk Assessment Ukraine


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